Tuesday, October 23, 2012

free printable: countdown fill-able frame

The most popular fill-able frame print from our recent Super Saturday was the "days until" countdown. I had many attendees order them by the dozen, with the intent of using them for Christmas gifts. Such a fun and simple idea--just add a frame + dry erase marker.

The inspiration for my design came from this countdown on eighteen 25. I love the number background print they used.

For my family, I printed one of every color for different occasions and keep them all in the frame together.

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blue version HERE
green version HERE

happy red version HERE
happy orange version HERE

orange version HERE
red version here HERE

There are two different red and orange versions because I was playing around with the colors and decided to include them all. You can choose between a brighter version or a more muted one, depending on your taste or home decor.


1. Try Different Processors.
Your colors will come out very different depending on which photo processor you use. I liked the green and blue prints from Costco, but the red and orange ones were very dark (too much brown) and a bit dingy. Even though they were much more expensive, I had those the red and orange ones printed at my local Walmart. They have a machine that uses powder rather than wet chemicals to process photos. I love them every time. Each Walmart has different machines though, so ask.

2. Color Test
If I'm printing an 8x10 or larger or a bulk quantity of prints, I always ask for a color test. Simply send through a 4x6 portion of you print and don't worry about what gets chopped. My local Walmart does this for free since I have so many prints made there.

3. Turn Auto Enhance OFF
I know I say it every time, but leaving the Auto Enhance option on will change the color of your print--and it won't be pretty. At Costco, you can turn it off permanently in your account settings--love that. At Walmart, even if you change it on-line, it doesn't stay on. I have to physically go there to order my prints--that stinks.


I also shared this printable here:

The 36th AVENUE


  1. Thanks! My dd's bday is coming up, I know she'll love counting down to it with this!

  2. Thank you for all your printables. I found your blog through pinterest and felt an instant connection being an adoptive momma too. Your printables have been a wonderful fun as we have been making lots of transitions in our house preparing for a second adoption.

    1. Kate, Congratulations on your second adoption! Let me know when it happens. :)

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On my work laptop but I'm going to come back and download it on my personal computer... .Love it!! thanks for sharing your talents!!

  4. My son leaves for Afghanistan in a few weeks, we need something to help pass the time. Making a green Army countdown. thank you

  5. Cute designs! I just love your frames! I am working on some of my order forms here http://goo.gl/4D2zYU maybe you can try it too!