About Me

Hi, I’m Kim McCrary.

25 26 Things I Love
Chocolate, fabric, polka dots, reading, quilting, sewing, crafting, taking photos, Pinterest, Tex/Mex grill, shopping, fonts, my computer, Josh Groban, Vampire Diaries, Downton Abbey, blogging, walks, my beach bike, pink, Brighton jewelry, comfy shoes, organizing, date nights and being a grandma. And girlfriend getaways.

I’m married to Lynn, and we have five kids—Patrick (Ashlee), Sean (Daniela), Kate, Josh (Tayler), and Ella. After raising our four bigs, we adopted Ella and started all over again. She definitely keeps us on our toes and young at heart! We are also the very proud grandparents of Madilyn, Karson, Piper, and Lilah Jane.

I worked for about 15 years in the scrapbooking industry and loved it. I was a product development designer and class development manager for Making Memories. (I still get a little giddy when I see the products I designed used in projects on-line or in magazines.)  I was on the editorial board for Simple Scrapbooks magazine, and a creative editor and QVC Coordinator for Creating Keepsakes magazine.  I got my start as a teacher and designer at Pebbles in my Pocket.

I currently serve as Relief Society Meeting Coordinator for my ward in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yep, I’m a Mormon--through and through. The RS Meeting Coordinator plans, organizes, and implements the classes/activities/events for all the women in a specific ward. It’s a lot of work, but it’s what I love to do.

I started my blog as a way to stay connected with my extended family and friends, and as a place to share information for my church calling. It’s turned into something so much bigger and I’ll admit, at first it was a little strange. Now it’s just exciting.

Mostly I just share what I do in real life. I don’t come up with projects just for my blog, what you see is me--and what I do every day. After all, isn’t one of the big reasons we read blogs, is to catch a glimpse of how others live? Mine is a simple life, just the way I like it.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Hi Kim!
    I love your site. I was just called as the RS Meeting Coordinator- formerly know as "homemaking leader" and saw all the wonderful RS Invites/posters you have done. Would you be willing to share the psd's with me? It always seems silly to re-invent the wheel- you would be saving me so much time as I AM NOT a photoshop guru, but am a beginner. I know how to click on a text layer to edit for my use, but that's about it. ANY of them you could send my way would be SO APPRECIATED!!! Have a great day! Michelle

  2. I am a fellow blogger and want to say I really appreciate your photos! It is so hard to photograph food and yours looks so elegant.

    I am going to try this recipe scaled back on my blog www.holdtheoffice.com. I was looking for simple so it can go in a Panini and I think this will work:)

    BTW - It is so hard to comment on your site!! I think you will get many more subscribers if you can comment without having to create an account and just use an email address. I was going to use my wordpress account but a message said it wasn't secure.

  3. Hi, your posts are darling and amazing! I would love to get my hands on the Vintage Elderly Couple RS bday party invitation in a format that I could edit for use in my ward. Is there any way you could sell that electronic file or email it to me? I have not learned how to use any of that fun software yet, but my son could probably teach me if it's editable in photoshop? Would love to have it. I just spent forever on pinterest and google images trying to find the photo to attempt to create myself, but in the interest of simplification thought I would just go ahead and ask! Thanks. Terri

  4. I love your family cookbook but could not get the recipe templates and the front page template to download. could you please send these to my email? I want to do this for my kids for Christmas..Thank you Kim