Wednesday, September 12, 2012

super {simple} saturday 2012

I'm excited to share our collection of projects for Super Saturday 2012. For those of you who don't know, Super Saturday is a sewing/craft day we have each October for the sisters in my ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My calling in the Relief Society (women's organization) is the Meeting Coordinator. This event is a great time to socialize, learn new skills, create projects that strengthen our homes and families and be treated to a yummy lunch.

We've focused on simple projects that focus on creating memories and traditions, celebrations, strengthening family and preparedness. Each project has a time element suggestion, so consider whether you want to work on projects at home or finish them at Super Saturday.

*To my ward: see RS announcements for date, time and location.
*I've updated this post with tutorial and download links.

Taught by: Ruth Dangerfield

What child wouldn't love a special place to play, hide, read or nap? This A-frame tent easily folds up when not in use and can be personalized with your own fabric. Simple straight lines make this a great beginning sewer project. Because we know it will be popular, there is a limit of two per family. (Think Christmas gifts!)

Cost: $6.50
Please bring:
2 1/3 yards of fabric or canvas
matching thread
sewing machine
scissors or rotary cutter and mat

Time element: 1- 1.5 hours
Tutorial here.

Taught by: Jen Ostler

all-occasion version

Christmas version

Fabric buntings create instant party decor and can be used over and over. They're also great a touch of color in a child's room, play room or craft room. Jen has designed two styles to choose from: an all occasion version with vintage inspired fabrics or festive Christmas prints for the holidays. These buntings have a layer of quilt batting and are backed with muslin. The edges are cut with pinking sheers or a decorative rotary cutter. Straight stitching makes this a great beginner sewing project.

Cost: $9.50 each

All supplies are provided.
Please bring:
cream thread for the all-occasion bunting or white thread for the Christmas bunting
sewing machine
rotary cutter and board

Time element: 1.5 hours

Taught by: Breanna Smithson

Our own resident foodie, Breanna Smithson, will be sharing some favorite simple pumpkin and squash recipes with us. Yes, there will be taste samples.:) Check out Breanna's blog for more awesome yummy-ness.

No charge
Class will be held after lunch at 1 pm and last approximately 30-45 minutes. Please sign up to attend.

Taught by: Patti and Bridget Belnap

These bracelets are all the rage! (My son, Patrick, is the manager at an outdoor recreation shop and can't keep the supplies in stock.) Not only do they look cool, but they can unwind to supply 8-10 feet of polycord in an emergency situation. An assortment of colors will be available to choose from (including BYU blue and that OTHER Utah University red :)) These would make great stocking stuffers or a great addition to your 72 hour kits.

Cost: $2.00 each
All supplies are provided.
Please bring: scissors

Time element: 30 minutes
Tutorial here.

FILL-ABLE FRAME PRINTABLES (+ dry erase marker)
designed by: Kim McCrary

Share the love with your spouse and children or countdown to a special day or holiday with these printables specially designed for our Super Saturday. Frame each design (you provide the frame) and use a dry-erase marker (provided with each printable) to fill in the blank right on the glass. Then just wipe off to pen a new message each day. Amazing! These would make great gifts.

great for spouses.

available with pink, green or gray bird.

available in green, blue, red or orange.

Cost: Awesome, Rock, Birdie and Wanted to Say (5x7) $2.00/Countdown (8x10) $3.00

Time element: 1 minute :)
You are Awesome Because
You Rock Because

Expo Low Odor Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers  

Taught by: Marina Jensen

These pumpkins created with designer upholstery fabric will add a touch of style to your fall decor or Thanksgiving table. Real wood stems add an element of texture. You will learn to make two different versions and can mix and match which fabrics to use.  

Cost: $7.00
All supplies provided.
Please bring: scissors

Time element: 1 hour

taught by: Crystal Lindley

available in white, turquoise, pink or black

These sweet little ribbon and pearl bracelets will be a welcome addition to any little (or big) girls' accessory collection. They tie on to the wrist for a comfortable fit and are available in white, turquoise, pink or black.

Cost: $2.00
All supplies provided.
Please bring: scissors

Time element: 30 minutes
Tutorial here.

{Paintable} FRAMES
Taught by: Tracy Burns

Display by Jen @ Tatertots and Jello

Wedding photo {Liza and Will} in Brooklyn frame

Chalkboard in Balboa frame

See Grace frame here.

Imagine of the possibilities of these darling frames that are showing up everywhere! They're perfect for showcasing family photos (think collage) or for weddings too. We will provide black, white and cream paint or you can bring your own vibrant colors. Choose from three different styles: Balboa (bracket shape), Brooklyn (scalloped shape) or Grace (oval center). The price of these unfinished frames is amazing. I purchased a painted one for more than double the cost!

4x6 ($5.50)
5x7 ($8.00)
8x10 ($11.50)
11x 14 ($15.50)
16x20 ($22.00)
(other sizes available at Cut It Out.)
All supplies provided (unless you want a different paint color).

Time element: 30 minutes + dry time for distressing edges

  • Please sign up to attend lunch and/or for Breanna's class even if you don't plan on doing projects (so we have a count).
  • You are welcome to order kits/supplies to do projects at home with your Young Women, but this event is for the RS Sisters. 
  • You must pinky PROMISE you will pick up  your own messes! We had an issue with that last year and I will track you down and Stephanie B. said she'd help me TP your house if you don't! :)
  • Bring your other unfinished projects or just come hang out with us.
For Order Form click here or here. (must be accompanied by payment.)


  1. What great ideas :) Are any of your Printable Prints available to purchase by download. I found your "You Rock" on Pinterest but would love to purchase the others as well.
    Thanks, Kiley

  2. This is exactly why I came to your blog tonight!! To look for ideas for our Super Saturday!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! ;)

  3. Kiley, I COULD be offering them on my blog for free (wink, wink).

    Mary Kathryn, You are so welcome! So glad I could help. Don't you love when that happens?

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. I am in the midst of organizing our "Retreat" right now. So it's fun to see all the fun ideas out there!

  5. I love that you posted everything, along with the cost and links to tutorials. Our ward/stake won't allow us to host Super Saturdays anymore unless our budget covers everything. We've had budget only one year to have one and the catch was that we covered the cost for the first item and any additional you wanted to make you had to pay for. Win/win for all. And I'll definitely be downloading your prints! Do you happen to have the Countdown available?

  6. Just curious how the tents worked out? I would love to do that with our ward.

    1. Also, how were you able to do them so inexpensively? Looking at costs, I'm figuring closer to $10