Wednesday, March 27, 2013

tulle pom-poms + garland tutorial

DIY tulle pom poms tutorial. Use individually or string into a garland.

I promised a tutorial after my last post. It took a little longer than anticipated. I ended up having my granddaughter, Madi, spend two whole days with me. I like to give her my full attention when she visits. She's also a talker, so getting anything done is a little difficult. :) She is seriously one of the most hilarious little people I know.

Then I was called to a new position at church. I know. I did not see that coming. I loved my calling as RS Meeting Coordinator and I will miss working with so many wonderful women. More on that later.

Okay, let's get this party started.

Because I knew I would use this project often, I made a mini version of all the the pom-pom tutorials I could find. There were about six. I found this method was most simple and created the prettiest *pouf.*

  • 6" tulle (4 yards for each pom-pom)
  • crochet thread (I tried regular thread and fishing line, but found both made it difficult to see my stitches and broke when I pulled them tight. Crochet thread works great.)
  • needle with large eye
  • scissors
  • Fishing line for garland. (I just used what was in the garage, 12 lb. test)

  1. Cut four yards of tulle and approximately 3 feet of crochet thread. Thread your needle and tie a nice big knot at the end so you don't accidentally lose your gathers.
  2. Make a running stitch (up, down, up, down) the full length of the tulle, gathering lightly as you go. Make your stitches about 1/2" and 1/2" inch apart. Don't worry about keeping completely straight, it all works out in the end.
  3. Gather the tulle tightly on the string, making sure it's not twisted.
  4. Tie a knot with the two ends (pull together tightly), then tie a few more for good measure.
  5. Twist and pull on the layers to form a pom-pom.
Yep, it's that simple.

To make a garland, simply stitch through the center of each pom-pom with monofilament (fishing line). I use clear 3M hooks to hang mine. We leave the one in Ella's room up all the time. Both Kate and Tayler want to make garlands for their little's rooms after seeing this one. I feel some girls' time coming on. :)

I made mini pom-poms for our spring RS birthday party. I wish I'd known about these pre-cut 3" rolls then, it would have saved me a lot of time and grief. 

The process for mini pom-poms is the same, with one slight difference. Instead of one strip of tulle, you will cut two strips approximately 60" long, and layer them on top of each other before hand-stitching. Gather your tulle tightly and tie the string in multiple knots.

Couldn't be more darling. :)

  • Use as decor for baby showers, birthday celebrations, weddings, and little (or big) girls' rooms.
  • Attach to a dowel and add ribbon for an instant fairy wand.
  • Tie mini pom-poms to bare branches for spring decor.
  • Use to top a gift in place of a bow. (Totally doing this for birthday parties.)
  • Attach to a little girl's headband for a "pouf" of style.
Any other ideas?

Paper Mart is my go-to source for tulle. The 25 yard rolls at my local craft stores are $4.99. Paper Mart has them for $1.35, and it's the same quality. The garland I made for Ella's room has 12 pom-poms, so it cost me about $3.00 to make. They also have100 yard rolls of tulle, that are a quarter more than the craft store's 25 yard rolls. Even with shipping included, it's a huge savings. (And their shipping is super fast.)

I just noticed Paper Mart has added 12" and 18" pre-cut rolls of tulle. Fabulous! Thinking mega pom-poms for Ella's birthday party would be wonderful. I'll need to play around with the length.

Also check out the polka dot tulle and shimmery tulle.

Happy spring crafting.


  1. I love this, it looks so cute! MIght have to try it out:)

  2. Love the garland idea - I hung these little poms from my baby girls ceiling and I LOVE them. Can't wait to try your garland!

    Picked up your card at BYB13 and I'm following you in every way possible. Hope you'll check out my blog so we can get to know each other better!

  3. Thanks for posting. I have been thinking about making the pom poms for my daugters baby shower. I might give it a try this week. You make it look so simple. :-)

  4. Do you remember how wide your poofs ended up being? I am making a mobile and 60 inches seems like a lot for what I want.

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