Wednesday, January 30, 2013

simple tip: choose a theme for gift giving

Our little grandson turns two today. Happy Birthday, Karson! He is a very active little guy and one hundred percent boy. Lynn calls him "Tank." :)

I have three granddaughters--Madilyn, Piper, and Lilah Jane. Karson is my only grandson. 

I think boys are harder to shop for. But choosing a theme to his gifts, made it so much simpler! Karson is in a cars/dinosaurs phase, so I searched on Amazon. Momma suggested books and puzzles. We are the grandma and grandpa who always give a book as part of a gift, so it was perfect. To make things even simpler, I had everything shipped directly to our "Tank." 

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site (tons of great reviews on this book)

Fun stuff. I think he'll enjoy them.


  1. I own good night good night construction site. It is a cute book. My boys love it. If you ever need boy ideas. I have a few...boys and ideas.

    1. Thanks, Tawnie! Yes, you do have a few of "those." :)