Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{IRL} in real life

A few months ago, Lynn insisted I "get with it" and buy a smart phone. As an IT Supervisor, I think he was a little embarrassed his wife was still using a Blackberry--with no internet capabilities. :) Seriously, he's not that kind of guy. He just thought I'd have fun with it. He is that kind of guy. :)

It took me a few months to decide between an iPhone and an Android. Finally decided on the Samsung Galaxy III--bigger screen, better photos. I am lacking the coolness factor of an iPhone though.

I have a love/hate relationship with my SG3. I love that I can do so much more--take photos and keep in touch with my sister in Iceland and my other family members around the US through Facebook on a daily basis. I hate that it can suck up my time so quickly--way too much fun. I limit my time now and leave my phone in the kitchen when I'm in the office, etc. We're getting along much better now. :)

I am loving Instagram. It's great to be able to catch little glimpses of our everyday life to hold on to, treasure, and share so easily. Here are just a few of my favorite photos I took recently.

1. Look Mom! I love you.  
2. Upped my workout to one hour. These shoes remind me of Cheetos. :)  
3. Outside my office window. We've had so much snow and it's been SO cold--record lows.
4. I bought a box of dinosaurs for grandson, Karson, at the Children's Museum in SLC. He carried them everywhere. I miss him.  
5. Madi Mail: a letter from granddaughter, Madilyn. It was all glued together and crumpled up. Best mail ever. I love it.
6. Our newest granddaughter, Lilah Jane. She's an absolute delight and so, so sweet and content. The best baby I've ever seen. Bonus: she loves to cuddle. Kate is coming for her birthday this week and leaving Lilah home. Lynn teased her and said if she wasn't bringing Lilah, she shouldn't bother coming. :)  
7. My granddaughter Piper, on the day she was sealed to my stepson, Josh and his wife, Tayler. She stayed with us while Mommy and Daddy got ready, then we took her to the temple with us. Oh, how we love her.  
8. Mount Timpanogos Temple. Another McCrary family sealed together forever. I can't put into words how special it was to witness such a wonderful ordinance and how grateful we were to be there. Love them so much.
9. My fave earrings (Brighton), and I still love gray and mustard/yellow together. 

Yep, the overriding theme this month is grandkids. I'm sure they'll show up every other month too. :)

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