Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fabric-covered buttons tutorial

I LOVE fabric-covered buttons. I've used them to make hair elastics and magnets and they embellish the center of our Super {Simple} Saturday flower hair accessory. I thought I'd share a quick tutorial on how to make them before posting the hair accessory tute.

fabrics with small prints
size 36 cover buttons (7/8")*
pusher tool*

Make a Template
You can purchase templates for all sizes of cover buttons, but it's simple to make one. For the size 36 cover buttons, punch a 1" hole in chipboard. Flip a 1 3/4" punch upside down and center the one inch hole inside and punch. You'll end up with a donut shape. Easy peasy.

*note: if you purchase a button cover kit at the fabric store, it will most likely have a template for you to cut out on the actual packaging (without the center hole). Since I order my button covers in bulk (much less expensive), I created my own.

Step 1: Trace around template on fabric with a water soluble pen (or whatever will show up) and cut. Don't worry about making the edges perfect, they'll be tucked inside the button shell and back.

I like having the hole in the center of the template, so I can move it around on certain fabrics that have images or designs I want centered on the button. Then I can trace around my template and "fussy cut" the fabric.

Step 2: Center the fabric circle on the bottom half of the pusher tool and place the rounded button shell on top. Push down all the way and tuck in the fabric edges.

Step 3: Place the button back over the fabric folds and use the pusher tool to push down and lock in place. 

Remove your button and admire. I promise you can't make just one. ;)

*My favorite source for both the button covers and tools is Three Dancing Magpies Supply Etsy shop. I did a lot of research when I made the activity days hair elastic favors and they were the best price. They also have great customer service.

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