Friday, June 3, 2011

gifted: teacher gift trinket cup and matching magnets

Ella had a great year in preschool. It's strange to think she'll be in Kindergarten next year.

Elle's teacher, Ginny Winters, has been perfect for her. She's loving but consistent and has kept things very structured. And she did the most darling crafts with the kids each week. You know Ella loved that! Elles learned a ton. I only hope we can find more teachers like Ginny in the coming years.

This is Ella with Ginny on her first day of preschool two years ago. She's so little!

Elles on her first day of preschool this year. Work it, girl! Just a little more confident, I'd say. :) I loved that little dress. I can't wait until Madi starts wearing it.

And on her last day of school this year (with only faint traces of her black eye).

As a small thank you for a great year, I found this darling trinket cup/pencil holder at a boutique a few weeks back. I love the beautiful fabric/ribbon bow and the button. And I love the colors. Ginny is a quilter, so I thought she might like it too. I was thinking I could use those bows for all sorts of other things. May have to make a few myself.

I made some button cover magnets in coordinating fabrics. Now I have to make some for me--love them. I had some cards left from the mother/daughter activity days activity, so I packaged them up pretty. I used small washers on the back to hold the magnets in place on the card. It worked perfectly!

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  1. My girls and I love, love, love Ginny Winters. The year of preschool they had with her was priceless. Cute pictures and gift!