Monday, September 26, 2011

ss tutorial: felt flower hair accessory

As promised, here's the first of our Super Saturday tutorials.

sheet of felt
hair clips--I like the metal ones with a double prong.
fabric covered button--tutorial here.
glue gun and glue sticks

I used the Rainbow brand felt. I picked it up at JoAnne's.

Step 1: Cut six 3" circles and one 2" circle from felt.
Find (or make) some templates and trace circles onto felt with a Sharpie. Cut inside the lines so the ink won't show.
  • A 15 oz. can lid is three inches across. (Use the type of can opener that doesn't leave sharp edges!) 
  • The other template I used was from a package of magnets. Just look around for something approximately 2" across. 
  • I switched things up a bit and used pinking shears instead of regular scissors to cut out the circles for this hair clip. I love the texture it adds.

    Step 2a: Fold felt circle in half.

    Step 2b: Fold half forward.

    Step 2c: Then fold the other half back so you end up with an "S" shape. That's your first petal.

    Step 3: Add a drop of glue at the bottom of each fold of the petal (on both sides) to keep it from unfolding. I use an extra clip to keep it together while the glue dries.

    Step 4: Center a hair clip on the 2" felt circle.

    Step 5: Add a nice pool of glue to the center of the felt circle and adhere petals very close together. Almost done!

    Step 6: Adhere a fabric-covered button to the center of the flower and fluff up the petals.  
    • Of course you could also add a button or gem to the center of a flower instead of a fabric-covered button. I'm just crazy about them though.
    • And instead of a clip, a pin would be nice for attaching to a fabric bag. 
    • I'm thinking I might make up a bunch of these to use as bows for gift packages. They're inexpensive to create and would be a gift on a gift. I would just clip them on the ribbon on the package. 


      As always, it's all about the packaging. :) If you're giving your felt flower as a gift, you can download and attach to these simple cards I designed. I think they look especially nice printed on glossy cardstock. Enjoy!


        1. Looks easy enough for even me to do....well, maybe. So cute!

        2. These are great! I was short on time, so I just used a seventh petal for the center of mine. Thank you for a versatile bow and a lovely tutorial!

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