Sunday, October 10, 2010

wicked fun no. 6: decorating indoors and outdoors

I've had this in my idea file forever. I tore it out of an issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

I love garlands. And I love how the designer spray painted these dog biscuits white. There's also big plastic spiders, acorns and dried citrus fruit. They drilled holes through each item and strung them on 22-gauge wire. It's not super simple, but just the dog bones in an apothecary jar might be a great decorative element.


There was an entire article about this porch in Home Companion magazine a few years ago. I've taken some of the details as inspiration for my own porch over the years--the pumpkin lanterns, mums, pumpkins, etc. Obviously I haven't staged my entire porch like this, but I've been happy with it. There's a black chair again. Hmmm.


Talk about a super simple project. I love it! I can see spraying it with silver glitter spray when it's done. There's a great tutorial by Jamie here.


This idea also came from the same blog as the simple wreath. My sister-in-law sent me an e-mail with the title: thought of you and a link to this photo. She knows I LOVE ribbon. I collect it yard by yard. I love these little mini pumpkins too. So simple.

Well I'm starting to feel better. I've definitely turned the corner on this influenza garbage. It's been hard. I'm still pretty worn out and coughing a lot (though less). The fever and body aches have been gone for couple of days though. Hopefully we can soon get our own Halloween decorations up. Ella is anxiously waiting.

I plan to share my downloadable treat tomorrow with those who have commented during wicked fun week. (That includes today!)

It's been fun sharing fall/Halloween ideas I love. My friend, Brenda, at Pebbles is sharing 31 days of Halloween on her blog. She's got a lot of simple ideas. Go check it out here. I LOVE this simple idea and plan to incorporate it into tags for Ella's preschool treat.

Happy haunting!


  1. I love those pumpkins! They are the cutest!

  2. I found that same picture of the pumpkins with the ribbon and saved it because I love the idea. What is it they say about "great minds?"

  3. The tulle wreath and the spider garland! Love it!

  4. Here's something you can add to your ribbon tied pumpkins: