Friday, October 8, 2010

wicked fun no. 5: paper pumpkins & pumpkin bracelets

Time to play catch-up. Here are a couple of projects to do with the kids I thought were both simple and darling.

I remember making these as Christmas ornaments from green and red paper when I was in elementary school. I like them much better as pumpkins. I read that someone suggested making them from foam sheets instead of paper so they would last. Great idea. They'd make a fun garland tied together too.

They were designed by Vicki Shields for the Hostess with the Mostest blog. You can find the tutorial here.


These pumpkin bracelets are as much eye candy as they are candy, candy. So sweet! It would last all of 30 seconds on Elle's wrist. :) I think we'll still give them a try though--she'll love it.

They were designed by Kierste at She used dental floss to keep the pumpkins together. These would also be fun to just hang around the house--over door knobs, on hooks, etc. Click here for a great tutorial.

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  1. Really cute ideas! I love the paper pumpkin ornaments, they would look so cute hanging from my halloween tree. I just may have to make some.
    I'm loving all the darling ideas you are sharing.