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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

no tricks... just a treat!

I'm laughing as I type this. The whole purpose of this week was to encourage my lurker friends to comment.  I did get some great comments, but according to Sitemeter I now have more lurkers! Welcome to all of you. I'm very grateful you take the time to check out my blog whether you comment or not.

As promised, to those that did comment I have a special treat for you. And I love it. I'm very pleased at how it turned out and I hope you are too. They look so much better in real life, I wish you could all see.

Both Ella and I like the white on the orange background best. My home needs pops of color, so this works nicely. I do love the crispness of the orange on white and the classic feel of the white on black though. Okay, I love them all. I designed them to fit in an 8x10 frame which usually only shows 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 of the image.

So if you commented, e-mail me at kmccrary25@hotmail.com and I'll e-mail you the color version(s) you'd like. Update: Click on links below photos  to download.

You'll notice I didn't use any super scary words. I prefer a "happy" Halloween and Ella does not like anything to do with scary things--especially witches.

I printed all three color combinations at Walmart One-Hour. They use the powder chemicals (?) rather than the liquid and the colors are always beautiful. But make sure you or the tech turn OFF the auto-enhance button or you will end up with some seriously wicked colors.

One more treat. We need a winner for a printed version from those who commented. (Be right back.) I had Lynn choose a random number and the winner is Maggie! Or if you're Ella, it's Meggie. Congratulations! Let me know which color version you'd like.


  1. OK Kim, I am a lame friend! I do read your inspiring blog and rarely comment (I think the last time I commented was about your cottage cheese pancakes). I have been "lost" in the House of Smith blog you recommended to get some decorating ideas. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I am fascinated with you pse talents. great job!

  3. OH YAY!!!

    I never win anything. I am so excited! I love them all, but like you, I think I will choose the white print on the orange background. I have the perfect spot in my house for it. Thanks for all the fun stuff this week.

    You are AWESOME!

  4. Kim,
    I am definitely one of the lurkers! I love your blog and check it often, but I don't know you well, so I feel too stupid to comment. (I am Lisa Brandow's sister, and I have met you once or twice.) I live in France at the moment, and I just referenced your blog on my blog because I used one of your ideas here: I tried to make the cat cookies, but unfortunately France doesn't have any candy corns! I improvised with a different candy, and they still turned out pretty cute (but just not the same without candy corns). Anway, I am dying to try your pumpkin muffins and the squash soup too. Thanks so much for all your fun ideas. I will stop being embarrassed to comment!
    Tiffany Pierce

  5. So now I get all the comments! :) I love it.

    Crystal, yes, I always tell everyone, you're my LAME friend.;) So funny. P.S. Sorry we got Marissa home a little later than expected the other night.

    Mykel, with all the editing you do, this text stuff is pretty simple. You always do great at commenting. If you want me to send a .jpg of my text art, let me know.

    Mags, I was excited you won. I'll get it printed up right away.

    Tiffany, yay! I'm so glad you commented. What an adventure to live in France for a time. So I can't imagine not having candy corn. Please don't hesitate to comment. I'd love to hear from you more. And I want to check out your blog! Let me know the address. Since you were so brave, I'll send you a .jpg of my Halloween word art if you want it. Okay, dumb question, do they celebrate Halloween in France? My guess would be no.

  6. Kim,
    I'm pretty sure they don't celebrate it like we do, but I'll have to let you know. This will be my first Halloween here. My blog is parisianpierces.blogspot.com, and I just put up a picture of my cat cookies. They are not nearly as cute without the candy corn eyes, but I am still going to make them again for my girls' Halloween party (they go to a British school--apparently England celebrates Halloween, thank goodness!)

  7. Great Halloween ideas Kim. Thanks for sharing them!

  8. Hi! I came across some of your pages in an old issue of CK and always loved your style. I googled your name to see if you were still doing anything in the scrapbook world and found that you have a blog. Happy day!!

    I love love love your style... and the Halloween word art you made is so cute!!!



    p.s. do you still do anything in the scrapbook industry?

  9. You are so crafty! I love all of them! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather! Loves!

  10. Kim love the ideas for crafts. I am definitrly going to use some of them for preschool!

  11. I believe I will put this in my home which says a lot because I do not decorate for the holidays...
    Thank you!

  12. Super, super cute! Thanks for sharing these with us.

  13. Is it too late to get this cool item?? :) I hope not!

  14. I love the look. Thanks for sharing your talent.!

  15. I know I am late chiming in on this...but I love it! Super cute!

  16. Well, I didn't see your previous post but thanks for making this great freebie available to us all! It's super cute!

  17. These are all super! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  18. You did just a great job on this! I plan to include it in a Halloween subway art round up that I am doing over at www.momof6.com on Sunday 10/2.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  19. So cute - thank you for your generosity!