Monday, September 13, 2010

super saturday projects {oct 2010}

Here's the line up of the projects for our October 9th Super Saturday. They're awesome! I know a lot of you are thinking Christmas gifts already and signing up fast.

Taught by: Kim McCrary
This class is designed to give you the basic skills of creating three banner styles for any occasion or celebration. Create this delightful Halloween trio and then change up the papers for any theme or color scheme.
Cost: $3.00

6 sheets12x12 Halloween patterned paper (variety of patterns and/or solids)
scrap of solid purple cardstock (for behind spider eyes)
1” orange button (optional)
1” scrap of 3/8” green grosgrain ribbon (optional)

Paper trimmer
Strong adhesive (I like mini glue dots)
Sharp pencil (I use a mechanical pencil)
Bone folder
Standard hole punch
Circle cutter (if you have one)
2” circle punch (if you have one

Taught by: Marina Jensen
The design of this reversible butcher-style apron is boutique-worthy and fits like a charm. It's simple enough for a beginning sewer. The pattern has a single pocket on each side (I changed mine to two) and a wrap-around tie (I changed mined to just tie in the back). It's recommended that you come with the ties already completed as they are the most time consuming part. Also bring a large sheet of butcher paper or freezer paper if you want to trace your own copy of the pattern.
Cost: your own materials

7/8 yard of fabric 1
7/8 yard of fabric 2
1/3 yard of fabric for ties
1 1/2 yards of large ric-rac
sewing machine, matching thread, scissors

Taught by: Stephanie Brucker
This countdown to the holidays project can be altered for any holiday or occasion. Choose black or white vinyl lettering in two font styles.
Cost: $7.50

3-6 patterned papers (variety of patterns)

Taught by: Marci Durrant
Add some stylish flair to a headband, purse or clothing with these fancy multi-layered fabric flowers.
Cost: $1.00

All supplies are provided. Sign up for your color choices.

Taught by: Mandy Whitaker
Welcome fall with this simple stitching project for your mantle or shelf. A great beginner project. There will be different font styles and patterns (pumpkins or leaves) available.
Cost: $4.00

All supplies are provided.

Taught by: Jen Ostler
Game on! Farkle is a fun family dice game in a darling fabric bag. Choose your own fabric or choose from kits already assembled. I got a sneak peak at the fabrics and they're delightful! All contents will be included. This would make a great gift for family or friends. Don't forget to make one for your own family!
Cost: $2.00 (with your own fabric)
$3.50 (with fabric kit)

4-10" squares of coordinating fabric for each bag (2 of each pattern or solid)
sewing machine, matching thread, scissors

Add this stylish piece of jewelry to your own collection or give it as a gift. Personalize it by choosing your watch face and bead colors from a large selection. You can also make multiple bead bands to coordinate with your wardrobe and interchange with the face watch.
Cost: $20 (watch face and bead band)
$12 (bead band only)

All supplies are provided.

The last day for sign-ups and to pay is Sunday, September 26th. Any questions, call Jen Ostler.


  1. I envy the fact that your ward has a super Saturday! I love all your projects, adorable and affordable! Thanks for sharing fun ideas!

  2. I love all your projects. They are way cute!

    Jessica is begging for a Farkle kit. (The Reeds and my parents have the game, but no cute bag.) So...if you want a cheap baptism gift for her later that day... (I am totally serious.)

  3. I'm not sure how appropriate a gift it would be for a baptism, but if that's what will make her happy, I'm all for it. I was trying to figure out what to get her. Check that off my list. I had planned to make one for your family, but I'm sure Jessica will share, especially as much as she enjoys games. Actually, I need her to show me how to play!

  4. I want to come to your super Saturday! What awesome projects you are offering! Love the banners.

  5. I love the different projects that your ward did for Super Saturday! I was wanting to make my own fall blocks with my Mom and some friends...we were wondering where were you able to find the blocks for fall blocks project? Thanks!

  6. Betherd:
    We had a husband cut 4x4 pieces of redwood 1" thick. You could easily use pine too, but my friend who designed the blocks thought the redwood sanded nicer, etc. It is more expensive. She said they got it at Home Depot. Hope that helps. Let me see your finished projects when they're done!

  7. I had this pinned on pinterest and decided to check out the link tonight. Any chance you would share instructions on how to make the farkle bag?

  8. I found this post via pinterest as well- we are trying to figure out a simple apron for our super saturday and I LOVE this reversible one. Is there any way I could get more details on the pattern?

    1. ^^ That is me and for some reason even after I log in it still shows me as unknown. (?) Anyway- my email is if you could help me with any info. Thanks!

  9. Is there any way to get the apron pattern?..absolutely adorable!