Saturday, September 4, 2010

four things friday

I missed three things Thursday, so I'm posting four things Friday instead on Saturday. I was actually done on Friday, I just needed to take one more photo. What I'm loving right now:

I have loved this print ever since I saw it in a home decorating magazine years ago. It's the perfect reminder for me. It's actually a propoganda poster from WWII commissioned by King George VI that all measures were being taken to protect the people. Haven't seen it in this apple green before. I forwarded the Etsy link to Lynn, just incase he wants to surprise me (wink, wink) or add it to my Christmas gift list. I would use a different frame for sure.

Lynn and I walk a lot. I've purchased Saucony walking shoes the last couple of times because they are so comfortable. Lynn (my Mr. Consumer Reports) read some articles and the Asic Gel Running Shoes are the leading athletic shoe right now. It was time for both of us to turn in our Sauconys (not only are they getting worn, we want to break new shoes in for Disneyland), so we tried on the Asics. LOVE them! The more I wear them, the more I love them. And they come in green!

My friend Brenda Birrell loves to shop yard sales and turn her finds into colorful and delightful "new" furniture and accessories. I'm loving this table and chair set and the lovely, cheery pillows (great price at Pottery Barn). Her husband, Larry, actually surprised her and painted the set. I sure wish my husband would surprise me and paint my office (hint, hint). Wouldn't you love to just sit here with a great book or gather with some friends or play games with the kids?  You can see some of her other finds around the store at Pebbles in my Pocket or maybe she'll post more on her blog (big hint).

My patient husband went to three different fabric stores with me yesterday so I could finish getting the fabric for cuddle quilts for Ella and Madi. (He did get lunch at the Pie Pizzaria, so it was worth the waiting I hope.) I want to make them for Christmas. These are Madi's colors and Ella has...take a and green. It's a line by Riley Blake I've had my eye on for awhile. I need to get better at purchasing while a store has the whole line. I just try to finish up one project before starting another so I don't get bored with projects-in-waiting.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I could use that sign, alot it seems lately. Keep clam. I'll keep working on it.

  2. I love the sign also. Trying to keep calm.