Wednesday, May 12, 2010

photo club: may

I finally made it to our photo club meeting. The assignment for May was cropping. I love cropping in close, especially when it's Ella's or Madi's little hands or feet--irresistable! I made a little collage with some photos from a visit to one of Ella's favorite places--Thanksgiving Point. We went to the Dinosaur museum several times during the fall and winter months. Now that it's getting warmer, Ella and Madi love the horse-drawn wagon ride, the pony ride and seeing all the animals at the farm. Here's my cropping submission:

Originally I had the word "cluck" on the rooster photo. Lynn told my roosters don't "cluck," they "cock-a-doodle-do." I said, "Is that a rooster?" I guess the comb thing gives it away. Okay, farm boy, I guess you're right. But roosters have to make some sound besides "cock-a-doodle."

Love the little hands full of chicken feed.

This was one of several rides. For the longest time Ella would just stand and watch the other kids on the ponies. Now we can't keep her out of the saddle.

Madi talks about riding the ponies every day.

Leave it to these two the break the rules. The sign Lynn is standing in front of reads, "PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB ON FENCES." I love it.

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  1. Cute pics and GREAT recipes! I'm all caught up now. I'm getting close to blogging...I'm blog hopping! LOL