Friday, May 21, 2010

congratulations graduate!

Ella Bella graduated from Ginny's Little Geniuses Preschool this morning. Hooray! Kate and Madi joined us at the celebration.

Arriving at the Charleston.

The graduates put on a darling program for the parents.

The official certificate. What's with the cheesy grin I keep getting? Ella tells me, "This is my really, really happy smile!" And honestly, it makes me really, really happy that she'll finally look at the camera and smile! I've been showing her photos of little girls on photography websites or blogs and saying, "Look how that cute little girl looks at the camera and smiles!" I know...but it's working.

Bet you can't guess what color balloon Ella chose.

Ella's teacher wrote a note in her folder:

Dear Kim and Lynn,
I have really enjoyed Ella this year! She is a sweet girly, girl. That girl is always planning a party! :) Ella impressed me by knowing all of her letters and sound that they make. She recognizes many numbers also. Next year we will be busy learning to read sight words and beginner books. I am looking forward to having Ella come back in the fall! Thanks for sharing her with me.

Sincerely, Ginny

Yep, she even plans parties at preschool. And the girly, girl part--right on.

Congratulations, Cutie Girl. Momma and Daddy love you!

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