Sunday, January 31, 2010

I *heart* simple solutions

One more day until February--the month of love. I love these simple solutions compliments of Real Simple magazine.

The team at Super Target pitched in and bought Kate a new pink camera for her birthday last week. She needs one of these soap holders to store it in. It would be great for travel or just to store in her purse.

I've been doing this for awhile now. I have a bunch of these small address labels pre-printed and ready to go when I loan a book.

I'm the queen of Ziploc baggies for packing. Love this idea for shoes in a suitcase even better though (so they don't get everything else dirty). I'm snagging those hotel shower caps from now on!

I have Ella's and my elastics in little plastic containers, but I thought this might work better.


  1. Great ideas. Another idea is for an iPod; a soft plastic recipe box (for 3x5 cards), which is big enough to hold all the connectors and earphones. And, if it gets dropped, it won't break and your little devices are safe. This could work for a camera, too.

  2. Love the idea for the tp tube - it works great! Shared here