Thursday, January 28, 2010

aprons and sock monkeys

Carol's comment on my "kitchen organization" post...

Now, I'm not picking on you, but where is your apron? I have gotten into aprons in the last few years and love them - store purchased and hand made. Ask Deanna to show you the one I made her for Christmas. I hope they're not just for 'old ladies' any more!

got me in a creative mode again. I love aprons. I have two, but they're both butcher-style and very boring. Definitely functional. I wear them more out of necessity than style. When I'm cooking, I get a grease stain splattered on my favorite shirt or when I'm cleaning it's a bleach stain--never fails. I've been looking for some simple apron patterns--both functional and stylish. Making them out of a sassy fabric would serve both purposes. I need to see Deanna's. (Deanna, why don't you post it on your blog?) Anyway, until I do find what I'm looking for, I thought I'd start with a smaller project to satisfy my creative needs. I finally ordered the kit to make one of these for my own little monkey.

So fun and vintage! Madi's great grandma (and Ella's grandma) made this one for her, but Ella has somehow claimed it as her own. The kit is on sale ($14.99, sale price $12.99) here for either size--medium or large. This is the large one. And it makes two monkeys. You supply your own stuffing. They also have a blue elephant kit that's adorable. Either one would make a great Valentine's gift. Don't you think?

I can't stand paying shipping, so I rarely shop on-line without a promotion code for free or reduced shipping or a discount. If you decide to order your own kit, type 9763 in the promotion code box at checkout and your shipping will drop from $7.99 to $1.00. Two sock monkeys for $13.99. Love it. I'm thinking I'll make the second one for my niece, Sierra. She loves to shop vintage/second-hand shops and I thought of her when I saw it. (Deanna and Carol--don't tell!)


  1. Love, love, love the sock monkey. I've always wanted to make one but... time, and Raggedy Ann and Andys standing (sitting) in the corner waiting to be finished, and other commitments, kept me from making one. Isn't this just so much fun? You go, girl! The aprons (the full body ones) are so easy and there are a ton of patterns and fabrics on the market now; something my Grandma would say, "Oh, my!" about! Love the beautiful new fabrics out there. Keep up the great work,Kim, you're inspiring me. By the way, I sold my very first homemade Raggedy Ann (24 inch size) for $5.00 back around 1980. How bizarre is that? I soon changed that price to $25 each and who know what would happen if I was still making them today.

  2. You know how some people are afraid of clowns? Well, I'm not, but...

    the sock monkey scares the *&#%@! out of me!