Monday, February 1, 2010

happy February!

I love February. It's the last month before spring, it's my birthday month (and I love celebrating my birthday!) and then there's Valentine's Day which makes me think about all the people and things I love.

And I love, love, love this photo of Ella. Can't take credit for the idea, that goes to Becky Higgins. Saw it on her blog here. Scott Hancock--a wonderful photographer in Pleasant Grove, Utah--helped me recreate it in his studio with Ella wearing her temple sealing dress. She is not an easy subject to photograph! We bribed her with "Boo" cereal (Fruit Loops like in Monsters Inc.) between shots. I love how her little toes are curled up. Scott added the letters. He's such a patient man. We tried almost all the fonts in his font list. Not what I was looking for. He didn't have this one--Century Gothic--which is my favorite. I use if for everything. He searched the web and added it to his list. Then I kept asking him to try a million different font sizes. I kept insisting I wanted the letters smaller and he kept saying if I wanted to make a statement I needed to go larger. He was right. I wanted this to be exactly what I envisioned and he did it. Now I'm wishing I'd gotten my 8x10 in this photo. Guess I'll have to order another. Would this not be darling with newborn feet (see Becky's) or a baptism photo? I think it would be just as fun of a little girl in a sassy little spring dress too. I love babies and toddlers chunky little feet and hands. It's the simple ideas that are always my favorite.


  1. Check out jefra starr linn. Let me know what you think.

  2. I love this picture. What a great idea.