Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter basket fillers: all things girly

I admit to being practical when it comes to stocking stuffers, Valentine's goodies and Easter basket fillers. I'd rather purchase a few really nice items than a lot of less expensive fillers that end up being tossed or broken soon after the festivities. So what are my tricks to purchasing items that will make both me and the little ones happy? It's simple. First, I plan ahead and start gathering things early (to spread out the expenditures). I store my stash in the top drawer of my filing cabinet behind the files--shhh!  Second, I save items I'd purchase anyway if a holiday is approaching.

Here are some suggestions for "all things girly" that are both practical and fun for Easter baskets:
  • a reusable bucket or storage container
  • spring pajamas
  • flip-flips
  • jewelry
  • DVDs
  • an entire box of a favorite snack (Ella loves those mini Ritz with peanut butter)
  • hair accessories
  • cool sunglasses
  • post-its, notepads, note cards and pens
  • a card game (we love Barbie's Go Shopping)
  • art supplies
  • craft kits
  • silly socks
  • a fun book
  • a new swimsuit and beach towel (my older kids always got a new swimsuit at Easter)
 Happy Easter!

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    1. I just found your blog through pinterest...Love it! I think I pinned almost all of your recipes! Thanks for sharing your great ideas...from one LDS mom to another!

    2. Love your basket! Lady in the tramp is my fave! :)