Thursday, April 14, 2011

marshmallow pops tutorial :: by ella and kate

So simple a five year old can make them!

Step 1: Put a marshmallow on a sucker stick.

Step 2: Dip the marshmallow about half way in a cup of melted pink candy melts.

Step 3: Add an M&M to the top (optional, but very cute!)

Step 4: Add sprinkles (over a BIG bowl, they bounce). The girls liked the ones with the bunnies.

Step 5: Stand up straight and let chocolate dry. ( I put wheat in a deep bowl and we stuck the pops in. For a large number of pops, use sheets of styrofoam instead.)

Great job, girls! You deserve...a marshmallow pop!

Ella and I made these with nonpareils sprinkles for her preschool class. They look darling packaged up in a plastic candy bag and tied with pink grosgrain ribbon.

We're going to make them again for Activity Days next week. I think the girls will love it.

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  1. Kate had so much fun! She is always asking to create something. Darling idea!