Friday, March 8, 2013

simple recipe: brushetta with roasted garlic and a gift idea.

I'm pretty sure, when we arrive in heaven, Brushetta will be served as the appetizer at our "welcome home" dinner. The combination of ripe tomatoes, garlic, and basil, must truly be a gift from God. :)

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't home when my friend Delayne, dropped off this simple, yet thoughtful gift.

It was a basil plant, with a handwritten recipe for Brushetta. I was thrilled. I love Brushetta, but I don't ever remember making it myself. Every time I walked past the plant, I would breath in, and the cravings began.

The next day I purchased the ingredients I needed, including fresh garlic to roast and spread on the baguette slices. Is your mouth watering yet?

Roasting garlic is so, so simple. Just cut the top portion from the garlic (opposite the "root" end), and place on some foil on a baking sheet. Drizzle some olive oil over the top, letting it seep into the little holes and crevices. Let some drip on the outside too.

Wrap up the foil around the garlic bulb, nice and tight, and roast at 425 degrees for about and hour and 15 minutes. (I like mine nice and spreadable.) 

Side note here: This mini-mini baking sheet (it's a 1/4 size sheet) was another gift from my friend, Jen. I had to ask her where she got it--the Bosch store. I love it and it was perfect for this little job. (Thanks, Jen!)

While the garlic is roasting, mix up the rest of the ingredients, and let the flavors meld together. Resist devouring the entire bowl, by taking just a few bites and getting a taste of what's to come.

Cut the baguette or french bread at an angle in thin slices, and spread with a bit of butter. When the garlic is done roasting, scoop it out of the bulb and spread over the butter. (I like a lot!)

Toast the bread slices until slightly crispy, and top with tomato/basil mixture. Oh my.

This was our entire dinner. Both Lynn and I loved it and will be having it a lot this summer as a fresh, simple dinner. (Thanks, Delayney!)

If you're looking for a lovely and simple gift idea this time of year, I'd recommend a basil plant and this recipe. Good stuff.

by Delayne Dayton

5-8 tomatoes
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
Fresh basil, chopped (to taste)
Salt and pepper to taste
Crushed red pepper to taste (not cayenne!) *I thought I had some but didn't, so I left it out.
Olive oil (be generous, it's a good fat)
Splash of balsamic vinegar

Mix ingredients together. Store in refrigerator.

Baguette or french bread (I used 1/2 baguette)
1/2 stick butter (I used less)
1 garlic clove, minced or use roasted garlic (above)

Mix butter and garlic together. Spread on bread and toast in 350 degree oven until crisp and golden brown.

Top with tomato mixture and savor.

P.S. I'd love to find a whole grain french bread for this recipe. If anyone knows where to find one, give a holler. :)

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