Monday, March 11, 2013

{IRL} in real life

Happy Monday. Did setting your clock forward for daylight savings time--and losing an hour of sleep--kick your hiney like it did ours? I really think daylight savings is ridiculous. Arizona has it right.

I'm loving capturing little bits and pieces of our life with my Galaxy 3 phone/Instagram. February was a busy month for us. So busy, I created a separate collage for Ella to put in her own scrapbook.
1. I read both Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Divergent Series Box Set. Both Lynn and I LOVED them both. Looking forward to book number three and the movies. 2. I had a milestone birthday this month. My talented daughter-in-law Tayler, made cupcakes for our family dinner. Not only were they beautiful, but so yummy! 3. My sweet little (granddaughter) Madi showing me her new haircut. She wants to show grandma everything. Makes me happy. :) 4. Birthday lunch with my friend, Jechelle. She introduced me to a new restaurant, Tortilla Bar in Orem, and I LOVE it! (Going again this week.) 5. I adore little people drawn by little people. (Artwork by: Madi) 6. Making lunch for Ella with our favorite bread. 7. Quiet Saturday mornings are the best. 8. Date night, dinner and Les Mis. We both thought it was wonderful, in a very different way than the live version. Yes, I cried. 9. My man sportin' his new Vans, a birthday gift from Kate. I don't know many grandpas who wear them. :) FEBRUARY 2013

1. It's a twenty minute drive to the mall. E likes to be prepared. 2. Ella signs everything with her entire name now. Glad she likes it. 3. A special Valentine from Daddy. 4. Ella's Valentine's box. If a little bling is good, a whole lot is even better, right? 5. Cousins rock! (And so does Hello Kitty.) 6. Ella's class valentines--blow pops that say, "Valentine, You Blow Me Away!" 7. E's first text. Wish we hadn't. (And so do her brothers and sisters--sorry guys. :)) 8. Monkeyin' around. Ella thought this was hilarious. 9. We FINALLY got rid of that darn ear infection. Hooray! 

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  1. Both the collages are looking beautiful. You have collected the best pictures of the week. In the one picture, your daughter is sleeping in red dress, she is looking very cute.