Saturday, July 14, 2012

our sand bucket list

Summer break is about a month and a half over. I can't believe the time is going so quickly! Last year we sat down at Family Night and created a bucket list of things we wanted to do during the summer. We called it our "sand bucket list." We were able to cross off almost every activity on the list!

This year, we created another list. I let Ella go through the photos on my kids board on Pinterest for ideas. I've added the links to some of our list (at the bottom), just in case you're running out of summer fun activities.

We're doing okay at crossing off items. Ella seems more content with just chillin' a lot of the time, so I'm going with it. :)

Slip n' Slide
zoo with Madi

go to the splash pad (If you don't get in the water yourself, Kate will help you! That's what big sisters are for. :))
have a picnic with Madi
go on a family bike ride (fix Dad's bike and get Mom a bike first.)
grow strawberries
book club (story + craft)

sidewalk paint with Madi (We've done this a lot. The girls love it. I love it because it doesn't get all over everything like sidewalk chalk. Here's the recipe.)
go to the cabin

have a party (Ella plans weekly "dance parties" with her friends. She takes the CD player out on the back patio, cranks it up LOUD, and the girls all dance to songs from High School Musical. And they get super silly. Then they have treats. Yep, that's her idea of a cool party.)
do crafts

go to the library (Our library has story time each week and then the kids do a craft to go along with the theme of the day.)
hike in the canyon
make jello playdough
have a nature scavenger hunt + here + here
do shiny painting
make sponge balls
keep a summer journal
make lips and mustaches + take photos
make Rapunzel hair
find the Up! house in Herriman, UT
dance with wrist bells
make a PVC car wash or deluxe version here
get a dog (like that's going to happen!)
do fireworks
go fishing
go to a parade
make cookies
go to the Dinosaur Museum
have a movie night + make popcorn
roast marshmallows
play baseball

As you can see, we keep our list pretty simple. We've done a lot of the same activities over and over, but it's still nice to have other options. Hope you're having a fun summer too. :)


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