Tuesday, February 14, 2012

party hearty: a valentine's craft

Ella played the guilt card recently and won. :) She told me all the other mothers help at class parties and I don't. She was right. So I volunteered to do a craft for the kindergarten Valentine's party.

I decided on these Valentine's butterflies and called them "love bugs." They were a hit. The original idea came from Skip to my Lou (great blog!), but I also found the pattern at the on-line Silhouette store, so I didn't have to cut out all 30 by hand. Score! It was the first project I made using the Silhouette I received for Christmas. Can't wait to do more.

I created kits that included:
  • The butterfly cut-out with the sucker already inserted. The suckers are a bit hard to get through the holes and the paper will tear if you're not careful.
  • Googly eyes. I stuck them on glue dots so they already had adhesive on them and then cut between each set--big time saver.
  • A variety of punched shapes. I included hearts(8) and circles(12).
  • A little bling. I wasn't sure if the boys would go for the little gems, but they were the ones who asked if there were more. :) I included two small and two larger clear "sparkle-ys" that already had adhesive on them.
I also provided glue sticks.

I did a trial run with Ella and her BFF, Jordan, to see how long it would take them to complete one. Right about ten minutes. Perfect.

Of course all "love bugs" must kiss!

The entire party was great. There were five different stations the kids rotated to: bingo, decorating cookies, a coloring sheet, fishing with magnets, and my craft. I enjoyed seeing each of the children be so creative and I loved that Ella was excited for me to be there. She told me before school that she was not going to think about me coming because she was just too excited. :)

To complete the party, Ella's teacher Debbie Reiber, gave all the kids their Valentine keepers filled with the cards and candy they exchanged.

How darling is this? Mrs. Reiber made one for each of the kids and they all looked just like them! Elles was thrilled to get hers. The little people are attached to a kraft gift bag with handles so when they put goodies in the mouth, they drop right in. Love it.

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  1. These are so lovely and creative butterflies which can make a nice gift for the valentine. I will include this craft with my hand crafted paper flowers bouquet for valentine's day