Sunday, September 4, 2011

teacher favorites fill-able form & personalized notecards

I laughed when Patrick told me he mentioned to Ashlee, that when I ask her about things (concerning their upcoming wedding) way ahead of time, it's not that I'm being pushy, it's that I like to be organized and prefer items checked off my "to do list" much sooner rather than later. (I also need time to shop, right?) I guess I never realized Patrick figured that out. :)

Before we went to meet Ella's new teacher before school started, I created a quick form for Mrs. Reiber to fill out when she had a few minutes. It asks about her favorite things. The form was completed and in Ella's backpack the first day of school. (Thanks, Mrs. Reiber!)

It's so hard to guess what someone would like, when you don't know them personally. I ran this idea past my teacher friends/family members and they all assured me they loved it and it was a great idea.

I wanted Ella to be involved, so I had her share her favorite things too.

I had some friends ask for a copy of the questionnaire, so I created a fill-able form you can tab through and add your child's own information. It's nothing fancy, but it's simple and helpful.

I ran across these darling note cards by Rebecca Cooper, on her blog, simple as that. It's at the very top of my list of "must read" blogs. I get so many great ideas for both my girlies and activity days projects. And she's an amazing photographer!

Rebecca's cards are mini and meant to be attached to a bundle of pencils--love that idea! I wanted them just a bit larger though and decided to personalize some for Ella's teacher.

They measure 3" x 3", which I thought was a good size for a little note.

apple element: Crystal Wilkerson  font: Garton


  1. Did you just say Patrick, Ashlee, and upcoming wedding ALL IN THE SAME SENTENCE???

  2. OH YEAH, you know it! January 6th--save the date. We are so, so excited and LOVE our Ashlee.

  3. Hi Kim,
    I found your blog through a friend and have truly enjoyed it. I was wondering if you are still having a problem with your sharing file. I tried to access these and Box said that they were not available. I hope that it is all working out. Thank you for sharing your talents with others!

    Tammy N.

  4. Tammy,
    Thanks for the heads up. I changed the link to a different file host site, so it should be good to go.

  5. Wow - can you come be my parent please? You are amazing!! I teach 1st grade so I can be Ella's teacher next year!!

  6. By chance do you have a blank apple that you could post for download??? I'd love to give this as a teacher gift. Thanks for sharing your idea!!

  7. Marcella, Rebecca Cooper has a more generic card that reads "school days" here:

  8. Hi! I LOVE the apple cards you made...I was trying to access them and I am having trouble. Any suggestions??



  9. Thank you so much! Love the cards. :)

  10. I can't get the ones that you can add the teachers name to download. and the other ones come up as pictures

  11. Hi Andrea,
    Tried to reply to you but you are a "no reply--commenter." Do you have Photoshop Elements? You need it to open the file to customize with the teachers name.

  12. hi kim! found you via pintrest. i am trying to download the fill-able apple card form and it's not working. is this still available for downloading?