Sunday, September 4, 2011

first day of kindergarten: a big thumbs up!

sign from How Does She?

I can't believe how quickly this day has come. Elles told me for weeks she was excited, but also feeling a little nervous about starting Kindergarten.

She loaded up her pink backpack with her special supplies and we headed off to school.

I tried to get Elles to wear "real" shoes, but she says they make her feet too hot. She takes after me, so flip-flops it was.

Ella was one of the first students to arrive. She had already met her new teacher (who showed her around the classroom), so Ella knew just were to hang her backpack and store her supplies.

Ella and her teacher, Mrs. Reiber. I love, love, love her and it's only been a week! We have a months worth of homework assignments for Ella, a book to record it in, a list of everything the class is learning this month and a set of sight words. We know exactly what to work on and reinforce with Ella at home. She also has a great journal for each of the kids to draw pictures and write their own stories. You know I love that. She's known for being organized and structured and great with the children. Every single parent I talked to who has had Mrs. Reiber as their child's teacher goes on and on about how wonderful she is. We feel so lucky and blessed. She's an answer to our prayers. I also happen to know she loves to quilt. Organized, structured, quilting, loves teaching--I think we were cut from the same mold. And she's a grandma too!

The kids begin their day with different activities. Today it was reading.

This photo makes me smile. Before we left for school, Ella asked if I'd stay with her until she felt comfortable. I told her I would stay until it was time for class to start. We decided when she felt okay about me leaving, she would give me a "thumbs up." Ella then told me that if she didn't want me to leave yet, she would give me an "X".

It was time for school to start and I finally got the big "thumbs up." :) As excited as I was for Ella (and me ;)), I did get a little teary for about 17 seconds. :) I was both excited and anxious to pick E up after school to see how the day went. When I asked what she liked most about her day, she thought for awhile and said, "Everything!" Love. it. Patrick even called Elles to find out how her first day went. He's such a great big brother.


  1. Can't believe she is so big! Love the thumbs up.

  2. That has to be the cutest thumb ever grown on a child's hand, next to my own of course. Wonderful day for you both.