Tuesday, July 12, 2011

it's good to be home

We spent the last ten days in Northern California with family. We had such a great time. My brother, Steve, and his wife, Deanna, and two of their kids--Jordan a.k.a "Joe" and Jessica came along for the first half of the trip. It was so fun to have them with us.

As fun as it is to get away, it's always nice to be home and get back to our regular routine and healthier eating. (Yes, I put on a few pounds. Way too many carbs for this girl!) I have a lot to share, but that'll come as I play catch up over the next little while. I haven't even finished documenting our first trip to California this summer yet!

For now, a few of my favorite healthy and super simple meals to share that I'll be using to get back on track:

egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms, cheese, tomato and avocado.

I made these this morning. I've never been great at making omelets, but my Dad made them for us when we visited Southern Cali in June and I watched closely. He made them much simpler--and tastier.

Spray an 8" skillet with Pam. Heat and add mushrooms and spinach. Cook until heated through.

Add eggs or egg whites. (I like the All Whites brand.) Cook until no longer jiggly.

Add cheese--Tillamook medium or a Mexican blend are both good--and let melt. Flip omelet in half and top with pepper, tomatoes and lots of avocado. So yummy!

turkey, baby swiss and avocado wrap

These are great for either a quick snack or lunch. Just wrap strips of avocado in slices of turkey (sun-dried tomato or pepper turkey taste great) and baby swiss cheese. Enjoy with some veggies or fruit and finish off with a Dove dark chocolate or two. :)

fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil

Love me a good Caprese salad. Layer fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil leaves (whole or chopped up) and drizzle with olive oil. Dee-vine. I get my fresh mozzarella and tomatoes at Costco. The mozzarella comes in a double pack, so you can share with a friend.



  1. Thanks for the healthy ideas... I will be making them to. I will be calling you soon, I have something I want to run past you as I continue to simplify :)

  2. The omelet looks sooooo good! I love omelets!

    Thanks for sharing!