Thursday, June 16, 2011

father's day fun

I told Lynn he couldn't read my blog until after Father's Day so I could share some fun ways to celebrate his special day. There are so many great ideas out in blogland for Father's Day, but these two are my favorite:

1. Lynn really wants an iPad and has been saving for one. He's close. Instead of giving him gifts, we're all pitching in to get him closer to his goal. He would be there, but Elles played with Grammy's iPad in California--for hours!--and now Lynn needs to get the more expensive one (at his MIL's insistance) so Ella and Grammy can talk together. Yes, we're all sad for him! :)

I saw this iDad giant candy bar wrapper on Nothing but Country and thought it was awesome and perfect for Lynn's gift. It's also a great price--you can download it for free! We'll tuck the cash into the wrapper along with the chocolate.

Decor, you ask?

2. I love this too. You know banners make me happy and this one is darling! It's another great freebie you can download on Shindig Parties to Go! She also offers the other ties for pokies or tags.

I'm always so impressed by bloggers generosity with their talents. Makes my life much simpler and fun.

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