Saturday, May 7, 2011

mother's day activity

I know I've mentioned "activity days" in a couple of blog posts, but I never announced it's my new calling in the LDS church. Actually, it's an additional calling. I'm still also the Relief Society Family History Specialist which also makes me a board member. For activity days, I meet with a group of nine-year-old girls twice a month and we do activities to teach them skills and strengthen their testimonies. It's been so much fun. I have a great group of girls and Ella loves when they come over.

When I got the call, I had to think about it before answering. I've learned how much I can handle and was concerned about adding one more thing to my schedule. As I thought about it, the impression came very clearly to my mind, that Ella wants a big sister more than anything. Having eight older girls around would be a great way to expose her to siblings-of-sort. I called Wes and said, "Youbetcha."

I remember being promised very clearly in the beginning--when we knew we would be adopting Ella--that the Lord would help us and make up for any shortcomings in raising her. I can see now what that meant. I just keep doing my best and her needs are met. It happens every time. I'm so grateful.

For Mother's Day the girls in my activity days group made a mini banner to celebrate and surprise their mothers by hanging it somewhere in their home. The one pictured is the one Ella made. I love her writing and of course there's a rainbow and flower. She draws them all the time--along with bees and butterflies.

We also filled out this Mother's Day newspaper page from Martha

Simple and fun. I'll share some of the other projects we make.

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  1. This is perfect! Can't wait to see what the girls create. Thank you!