Saturday, May 7, 2011

the flu has flown + easter fun

I had the stomach flu for three days last week. I guess it was actually two weeks ago. Wow, it's been awhile. I've been trying to play catch-up on a long list of to-dos, which translated to no time for posting.

When I first started feeling sick, Ella really wanted to play. I told her I didn't feel well at all. She said, "Oh, oh!" and ran out of the room. A minute later she returned with these:

The throw-up container (gross) and a mask (hmmm...). :) Luckily I never had to use the container, but Elles kept checking on me to make sure I was wearing the mask. Is there possibly a career in nursing in her future?

Easter was delightful. We had a simple meal with the kids--Honeybaked ham, sweet potatoes, beans and rolls. Dessert was vanilla bean ice cream with toppings.

The girls wore new dresses to church and the Easter Bunny hid purses instead of baskets.

I purchased these little tin totes after Valentine's Day for half off and hid them away until Easter.

I really don't like to do the candy thing, so I filled them with girlie stuff from the dollar section at Target and other goodies I knew the girls would enjoy: stickers, jewelry, a mini coloring book, stamps, sunglasses, lip gloss, post-its (so they'll stop using all mine!), etc. And because I'm not the meanest mom in the world, I did give them an egg filled with Skittles (E's favorite). We also gave them each a movie they've been wanting--Ella's was Bambi and Madi's was Enchanted.

Patrick gave the girls bucking bronco rides on the trampoline. He's such a great big brother/uncle. Madi insisted on keeping her purse with her at all times and after a few bonks on the head, Patrick told her she couldn't jump if she didn't put it down. She wasn't happy.

The simple holiday celebrations are always my favorite. I hope yours was enjoyable too.

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