Thursday, April 14, 2011

high five!

Our Ella Bella turned five on Friday.

We may have to try the "five" photo again. :) But this is so her.

We kept things pretty low key, but here's the run-down.

We woke her up by singing "Happy Birthday." She moaned and rolled over. Then we reminded her there were gifts to open.

I re-purposed the banner from Ella's adoption party...

and added this one I'd made for a class display for Super Saturday.

Ella wanted Barbie stuff. Most of all she wanted the Barbie with the horse, so Grandpa Murph got her that. I must admit, I don't like Barbies. They are so hoochie. I really had to shop around to find some that were dressed modestly. Ella has been playing with them non-stop. 

Elles has been asking for a trampoline for quite awhile. We've made some larger purchases lately, so I figured it wasn't in the budget. Lynn informed me he already had money set aside for something for the girls to play on in the backyard and thought he'd told me. He rocks! So we ordered a very nice trampoline and it should arrive next week.

For Ella's preschool birthday treat we made marshmallow pops together.

Super simple and fun. And of course we used pink candy melts.

After preschool we took Ella to lunch at the restaurant of her choice. (I know, brave.) She chose to have fajitas at Los Hermanos. She loves that she can make them herself. (She only puts beans on the tortillas--occasionally cheese.)

After lunch, Kate came over to play Barbies. We made more marshmallow pops.

I told Ella she could have a small birthday party if she wanted, but she chose to have a "family" party. Love it! On Sunday everyone came over and we had an ice cream sundae bar. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you so much!