Saturday, April 9, 2011

ella's yellow drink

Ella saw the post about my favorite green drink. She asked, "What about my yellow drink?" Yellow drink? Then it dawned on me she meant one of her favorite treats--a banana shake. It's three of my favorite things--yummy, healthy and super simple.


Half a frozen banana

Put in blender and mix until smooth.

That's it! When bananas start to get soft, just peel, slice in half and throw them in the freezer in a container or freezer bag to use later.

Ella had a shake for breakfast yesterday with a "peanut butter and jelly toast with no jelly."


1 comment:

  1. Emma likes peanut butter and jelly with no peanut butter. "Mom, will you make me a jelly sandwich?"

    I stick my bananas in the freezer still in the peel. I guess peeling them first would be a lot easier!