Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a simple thanksgiving

I've been prepping for Thanksgiving this morning. I blanched green beans, chopped the shallot and bacon. (I'm trying a new veggie recipe.) I cut the sweet potatoes and mixed up the topping to sprinkle on top. The kids didn't want turkey, so we got a Honeybaked ham instead--yummers!

And Patrick is bringing the best whole wheat rolls from Flour Girls and Dough Boys bakery. I bought the ingredients to make pumpkin pie, then ended up buying one at Costco this morning. Super simple meal--my favorite.

For our family night activity on Monday, we had Ella write something she was thankful for on leaf die cuts, then strung them into a garland. I got the idea from the Pebbles in my Pocket blog. She loved the activity and it was so simple to do. I love the writing.

My friend Maggie and I always say, "It's all about the packaging!" We love product tied up, boxed or wrapped in delightful packaging. I'm a marketer's dream. Yes, I've actually purchased items because the packaging was as great as the product! Loved these tags on these acorns Lynn picked up for me yesterday. I'm going to use them in one of my glass containers on the table for Thanksgiving.

Have a simply wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kim. I am thankful for you! We are keeping it simple on our end too... of course we will be too full by the nights end :)

  2. That tag IS super cute! I want some of those acorns for my table too:) Have a great holiday!