Thursday, November 18, 2010

punch it, margaret!

Me, Marina, Marci and Jen
Yep, it was one of those weekends. I laughed myself silly. I love these girls!

We actually accomplished a lot for the amount of time we were at the condo. We left Thursday morning and had planned to stay until Sunday afternoon, but Marci, Jen and Marina ended up leaving Saturday morning. Marina's daughter was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital on Friday night. She's home and doing great. Hooray! And a big thumbs up to Dave (Marina's husband) for handling things so well without her there. (He'll never know I said that though, because Marina doesn't read my blog!) :)

I stayed behind and cleaned up so Marina could get home first thing. Lynn and Ella drove down and we had some family time together. (Thanks tons, hon.)

We found a darling shop called Lazy Daisy Cottage. It was so inspiring! They had quilting and sewing projects and kits and jewelry and gifts everywhere.

I loved this banner, but wanted different fabrics, otherwise I would have purchased the kit. I did pick up a few other things though.

A few half yards of fabric--polka dots, of course. I have no idea what I'll use them for, I just loved the colors.

I couldn't resist these darling hair clips/brooches (Marci couldn't either). I loved how vintage-y they look and the mix of fabrics. The top one actually had a blue gem, but I took it off and added a clear one instead. Thanks, Mags! (She had one in her stash so I didn't have to buy a whole package.)

Lazy Daisy's blog said they'll have the pattern for these available next week. I think I just may have to make a few. :)

We couldn't do without a few goofy shots:

This is what happens when Marci takes the camera. :) Ready or not! I laugh every time I look at this.

I can't even remember what they were laughing so hard about. I love it though.

I've mentioned before that St. George has the best TJ Maxx (same as Homegoods). So after the girls left and Lynn and Ella arrived and headed for the pool, I ran over and picked up a few things.

I liked these cups and plates. I bought four sets to make tea cup pedestals for teacher gifts for Christmas. I'll probably keep one though. I'm thinking of piling on some homemade Oreo cookies and then wrapping them in clear cellophane and tying it all up with a red and white gingham bow. What do you think?

Yes, another set of bowls. How many sets of bowls can a girl have? They are the perfect green though. We can use them for Christmas.

The glass jar is similar to the ones I have on the counter filled with nuts and in the pantry filled with cereal and other stuff. It's squattier than the other ones though--had to have it. I'm a sucker for containers. I'm thinking of using it in my studio to store bolts of ribbon in.

I've been looking for some scarves to wrap up in. I bought two wool ones--the charcoal to wear with my black shirts and the red one to wear with whatever. I've worn them both already.

Thanks, girls. I had the BEST time! I'm looking forward to our next trip.


  1. looks like a terrific weekend! so sorry to hear about the jensens. Can't wait to see your projects.

  2. Bwah, ha, ha, ha! That was awesome. My picture is the best. Thanks for inviting us - can't wait to go again. I am in LOVE with the cup and plate idea; saw them at OSS boutique and decided to make it my next project. I'm going to start searching for the perfect pieces to put together. You're the best. LOVE YA

  3. How funny! But who is Margaret? Kidding! I had a blast and everyday I wish I was still there! Thanks for the fun. It looks like I need to quit being such a goof for the camera. And I think Marci has a future in photography! Later!

  4. Looks like a good time. Women can get crazy when they are away from their families.

  5. Looks like a fabulous "girls" time!