Tuesday, November 9, 2010

girlfriends' getaway

I'm headed to St. George again at the end of this week for a girlfriends' getaway with some of my quilting/sewing friends. I'm so looking forward to it--warmer weather, yummy food, a long period of time to sew (instead of fifteen minutes here or there), shopping, and just hanging out with the girls. Ella is trying to guilt me into taking her. Her arguments: I'm a girl too. Dad will miss you too much. If you take us, Dad and I will just swim all day and go to McDonald's to eat. Nice try.

I shared in a previous post the fabric I purchased for the semi-matching cuddle quilts I'm making Ella and Madi. I decided to get them done in time for Christmas. I got all my fabric cut and binding made and my plan was to sew the tops and backs in St. George. Getting the pre-work done ahead of time is the key to accomplishing a lot at a getaway.

I got so excited, I ended up sewing Madi's ahead of time and it's actually at the quilters right now. It's SO sweet, I can't wait to show and tell. I was worried the fabrics were a bit busy together, but I love, love them. I have Ella's in a little kit all ready and waiting to go.

I'm going to take a few smaller projects just in case I finish up, which is a strong possibility. The brick pattern I'm using goes together so quickly.

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