Thursday, October 28, 2010

ella's preschool halloween party

The first words I heard Ella yell Tuesday morning were, "It's been two days!" Translation: it's the preschool Halloween party! The first words I yelled were, "Are you kidding me?" Translation: there's six inches of snow on the ground. Dang!

I lucked out on Ella's costume this year. She really wanted to be Tinkerbell and Grandpa McMurphy bought her this outfit back in February. I just bought sparkly shoes and we were done. Grandpa also surprised Ella with a Tinkerbell jewelry making kit this summer, so she wore an authentic Tink necklace and bracelet too.

Ella was so excited to bring her special "treat" for her friends.

We made Halloween play dough and packaged it up with a darling tag that read, "a halloween playdough kit for my friend. boo! love, Ella M." I combined ideas from eighteen25 blog (the play dough) and the thumbprint tag (so love it!) from the Pebbles in my Pocket blog. It turned out the be a much more time-consuming project than I originally thought, but Ella and I had a great time doing it together. She did a lot of it herself and loved it. It was worth the extra time.

Ella took her play dough kit to sewing day at Maggie's, and the kids made spiders and pumpkins together. It kept them busy for quite awhile.

This photo makes me laugh. Ella B. (red hat) and Ella me (that's what Ella calls herself when she's talking about both Ella B. and herself) are both ready and posing for the camera. The other kids are still trying to figure things out. Such girly girls!

We finally got it figured out. Ella B. and Ella me have the same pose/smile in just about every photo I took.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Looks like a fun party! You can tell by Ella's pose that you take lots of pictures of her. What a lucky girl!

    My kids had so much fun with Ella's playdough, thanks for sharing. I need to get the recipe from you.

  2. Emma used to do that exact same head tilt when she was that age. She looks back and cracks up at herself (because, you know, she's so mature now). In her first grade school picture she's smiling so big her eyes practically disappear. I pulled that picture out the other day and she's been making fun of herself and laughing and laughing about it. We were all so careful not to laugh at her when she brought it home last year. Anyway, I love how they know it's all about the cuteness.