Saturday, October 30, 2010

around the house

I thought I'd share a bit of Halloween decor from around our house. It's certainly not a designers dream, but it's simple and we love each piece.

I wanted some small sparkly pumpkins for this tall glass jar. I found them at Hobby Lobby--half price for the grand opening.  

I still need to find something to hang on my Halloween tree.

This is where my first Halloween word art ended up.

I usually have white and red plates in this plate holder. I just switched them out with my everyday green ones.

It was actually one of my blog readers who said she was going to print out more than one word art and put them in separate rooms. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Here's where the second one ended up.

I purchased too many of the pumpkins for the jar, so I gathered the rest in some bowls on my kitchen counter. Lynn keeps telling me how much he loves these little pumpkins.

Recognize my other cup and saucer pedestal? I love it with a pie pumpkin on the desk in my front entry.

I found this cup and saucer set at DownEast for $2.99. Haven't glued it together yet, but I love that the saucer is a little more "bowl-like". Candy corn says Halloween and fall to me, so I always have some around in small bowls and containers. They seem to be eaten more quickly these days. Ella keeps getting on the counter to "look" at them. Hmmmm.

Halloween decor just wouldn't be the same without kids' art projects and pumpkins. These are Madi and Ella's pumpkins they painted with Kate and Shane.

This spider was actually a project Ella did last year in preschool, but I love it! Especially the leg growing out of its forehead. :)

This is a preschool project from this year. I hung it from the light over our kitchen table.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Everything is so cute. Makes me more homesick than ever, and your bowl of candy corns. . .I think I got a little teary-eyed looking at those! (BTW, I ended up using almonds for the eyes of the 2nd batch of cat cookies I made for my daughters' party-they were darling and definitely better looking than the first ones.)

  2. Kim,

    So I am finally making a post on your blog. Your decorations are so cute. Love the stuff you got from Hobby Lobby. By the way did you know that AF is getting a Hobby Lobby. It will be in the old Smith's and open in four months. Can't wait.


  3. Love your decorations! Sooo cute!