Thursday, May 27, 2010

three things thursday

Three things I love:

One: I love sets of bowls, but I especially adore these mini bowls from Anthropologie. They are the perfect size for so many things. They catch extra buttons and baubles in my studio. They're great for snacks for Ella (she uses mini spoons with them) or for just the right amount of ice cream for me. I could never decide on just one color, so I have one of each. They just came out with this delightful robin's egg blue. I also like to mix and match and stack them around the holidays for splashes of color. The mini bowls are $2.50 each and the regular size in the same design is $5.00. 

Two: I have this thing about foam soap. I love it and I notice when stores and restaurants use it in their restrooms. I've been purchasing this specific brand and scent in bulk for years. It's the Coconut Lime Verbana from Bath and Body Works. So many people I gift it to or use it in our home end up buying it again. One year I gave it as the $5.00 prize at Bunco and added a sparkly snowflake ornament tied with a red and white gingham bow--simple and so nice. Some of the girls are still buying it. I also love that it matches my decor. That's so important! :) I have one in each bathroom and one at the kitchen sink, so we go through it quickly. Bath and Body Works has specials often, so I stock up when the price is right.

Three: I love these colors together. Those green shutters are delightful. I'm a pretty neutral person and have been trying to add more color to our home lately. Patrick told me a few weeks ago, that our home was pretty "basic" or something like that. Whatever it was, it's true. Then I told Ella that Patrick would be moving out soon (not because he made the comment about the lack of color in our home :)) and that the hallway bathroom would be hers. She looked around at it and said, "It's not very cute." Seriously, I get the message!


  1. I love your favorite things. I need to get me some of those bowls.

  2. Keep up the three things thursday - love it!

  3. I soooooo get the soap thing. I LOVE those kind.

    I think your bathroom looks cute!

  4. I thought my bathroom looked cute too! Simple--green gingham shower curtain, metal WASH sign, cute white cabinet with towels and soap and stuff in it. What's not cute about that? I guess now that Ella's four, she has higher expectations.

    Actually, here's a funny story. I dropped Ella off at dance. She tripped on the dance floor (I never said she was super graceful) and got a huge swollen, bloody lip. Her teacher couldn't get ahold of me and took her upstairs in her house and got her cleaned up. When I picked Ella up, I asked her if she was okay and if her lip still hurt. She just kept telling me over and over, "Miss Stephanie's house is SO beautiful upstairs!" Forget the bloody mouth, she was impressed with the decor. So I guess she thinks ours needs some work.

  5. water down the soap - i keep about 1/3 of the bottle in and add water. Save the other 2/3 for when it runs out and repeat.

  6. water down the soap - i keep about 1/3 of the bottle in and add water. Save the other 2/3 for when it runs out and repeat.