Friday, April 23, 2010

sweet contest

You all know my favorite digital designer is Crystal Wilkerson. She speaks my style--so simple and not overly distressed. She made a big announcement yesterday that her designs are coming IRL. Yep, in May she'll have her papers on the shelf. I'm very excited. Here's a preview:

My favorite is the floral print on the white background at the end. You can never go wrong with those delightful dots though and that pink stripe is oh, so sweet. I signed up for her giveaway (now I'm wishing I'd chosen the real life paper instead of digital--oh well, I'll love them both). So I'm passing along the information so if I don't win, someone I know might. Just leave a comment on her blog here and cross your fingers!

1 comment:

  1. Wow Kim! I followed your blog here & was so happy to read your sweet little post! Do you ever post your digital layouts? I'd love to see them! That's awesome that you used to design for Making Memories! I've always been a huge fan!!! Have a great day, Crystal :)