Friday, April 23, 2010

pinkalicious fun: cupcakes

It wouldn't be a true Pinkalicious party without the pink cupcakes. We ordered these from Dippidee in American Fork. They're the fun-size so they're perfect for little ones.

They were white cake with pink frosting and pink sparkly sprinkles.

Love these little plates and napkins. I bought them on clearance at Target months ago. Couldn't resist the pink and the polka dots and knew I'd use them for some occasion.

Ella goes straight for the frosting.

Mykel is going to love this. Kate misses the cupcake all together! :)

Sweet little Lizzy.

Our adorable granddaughter, Madi. Ella has started calling her Mads.

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  1. So funny. Kate loved the party! She still wears the necklace and bracelet almost everyday. (She gets licking the frosting first from her mom.) Major sweets girl!!