Thursday, January 7, 2010

favorite memories {Christmas 2009}

I thought it was interesting that both Lynn and I had the same favorite memories. First on our list is Christmas morning. I think we forgot what it was like to have little ones around and how magical it is. It was good to remember.

The pitter-patter of Ella's little feet across the tile floors is such a sweet sound. We heard her bright and early Christmas morning (she's not usually an early riser), run down the hall and stop in the living room where the tree was. She whispered so softly, "Santa came. I got a bike. I better tell Mom and Dad." We laughed. Next she ran to the family room and paused for a few moments. Lynn and I looked at each other, wondering what she was doing. Later she told me, "I squeezed my sock (stocking) and there were treats inside!" She was making the rounds before she came to get us.

Finally she ran to our room, jumped on the bed and yelled very loudly, "Santa came. I got a bike. Come see!" Before our feet had even hit the floor, she was a the top of the stairs yelling for Patrick to hurry!" So much for sleeping in.

So small and simple, but that's what we'll remember most about Christmas morning--the pitter-patter of little feet and the sweet whispers that made us laugh.

I hadn't intended to start the "new jammies" tradition with Ella, but Lynn thought these were so darn cute and wanted her to have something to open on Christmas Eve. She had to have the Barbie bike because it was the only one that had a bell to ring. More noise, of course!

Ella's new "sock". I love the ribbons and ric-rac of course. I ordered it from Pottery Barn Kids. One of her treats was a small box of "sugar cereal" for breakfast. She lined up all the Fruit Loops on her little table and licked each one to make sure they tasted good Then she asked for the same breakfast she has every day--whole grain cream of wheat with brown sugar--not stirred and eaten with a tiny spoon.

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