Monday, April 22, 2013

celebration ice cream cake

This quick and easy rainbow-colored ice cream cake is perfect for any occasion. It goes together in just 15 minutes!

We recently returned from a ten day trip to California. Before we left, we had a little birthday celebration for Ella with some of her giggly, silly, darling schoolmates. I hadn't planned on a "friends" party, but Ella must have caught me on a good day and I agreed, even though it was quite late in the game.

The simplest cake you'll ever make using ice cream sandwiches and rainbow sprinkles.

This "cake" could not have been more simple to make. My sweet daughter-in-law Tayler, came over to help me with the party preparations and we seriously put this ice cream cake together in about 15 minutes. We were so pleased with how it turned out and it was a huge hit with both the girls and adults.

Layer pre-made ice cream sandwiches covered in sprinkles, for a delightful and simple dessert that goes together in just 15 minutes!

My Ella isn't a big cake eater, but she'll never pass up ice cream. And adding sprinkles to anything makes it an instant party, especially for a bunch of six and seven year olds. :)

We used 11 Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches. Make sure whichever brand you purchase has the ice cream go all the way to the edges of the cookie part--some don't. 

Step 1.
Cover all four sides of the ice cream sandwiches with rainbow sprinkles. (We poured a layer of sprinkles in a jelly roll pan and set each side of the sandwiches in them until covered.)

Step 2.
Layer ice cream sandwiches in four layers on a cake plate like this:
Layer 1. Arrange sandwiches about 1" apart for the base.

Layer 2. Arrange sandwiches close together at an angle.
Layer 3. Add two more centered side by side.
Layer 4. Place the last sandwich at an angle centered on the last two.

Store in the freezer until ready to serve. Another thing I love about this ice cream cake, is that the portions are already made, so you just lift and serve.

Simple and delish--my favorite kind of treat. Enjoy!

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  1. My daughter would LOVE these! I'd love for you to come link up this and some of your other projects/recipes at my new party!

  2. You were among the features from last weeks House Party! Thanks so much for linking up, and the party is on once again! Hope to see you there!