Thursday, January 3, 2013

simple tip: christmas books

Jumping in for just a minute to share a little tip.

I've been packing up our Christmas decorations. I know many of you count down the days until Christmas with a special story each night. We do too. (Looks like a few of the "grown up" books made it into the pile in the photo.)

I had some leftover wrapping paper and decided to wrap up our books before tucking them away. I did it while I was watching TV. I can check that off my list for next year and we'll all be surprised when the packages are opened.

P.S. We added these two books to our collection this year and love them both.


  1. Great idea! I'm making sure I keep a list handy so if I spot one of clearance I'll know if I have a copy or not...without having to unwrap the books! :)

  2. I actually had to run downstairs before I ordered our new books to make sure I wasn't ordering the same ones twice. Great idea!