Friday, October 12, 2012

out and about | witchfest at gardner village

For as long as I can remember, we've celebrated fall by visiting the witches at Gardner Village. Every year it grows into a larger event.

Kate and Madi were visiting from Idaho, and it's Ella's fall break, so we thought it would be a great little girls' date.


There are little vignettes with witches throughout the villages shops. They are all so darling!

This one is always a huge hit with the kids. :)

The airport scene cracks me up.

There are tons of live witches too. I loved the candy necklace and hat this one wore.

And of course Madi LOVED her shoes.

My sweet little granddaughter, Madilyn. The girls scored in the shopping department--witch hats, little dolls and their choice of a treat at Sweet Afton's candy store. Lynn always got a caramel apple there, but the last couple of years, they only make them with just caramel instead of adding nuts and other goodies. Just not the same. Sorry, hon, I tried.

This little cutie and her sister had matching outfits--hats, tutus, and aprons. I asked their mom--who made the outfits--if I could take some photos.

I was so inspired by all the girls and women who dressed up, I purchased my own plain black witches hat. I'm going to embellish it up with some fun trims and accessories. I'm playing a witch for Ella's class party on Halloween, so it'll be the perfect thing to wear.

Then the girls started getting witchy tired, so we headed home and stopped for lunch on the way.

Happy Halloween, my pretties. :)

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