Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween costume: garden gnomes

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume?

My darling and creative daughter-in-law, Ashlee, put together these garden gnome costumes for their annual "friends" Halloween party. I think they are fantastic! (*Ashlee, we want to borrow them next year!)

My son, Patrick, has been growing out his beard. I HATE it! He gets a ton of compliments on it though, so apparently I'm the only one. I definitely prefer him clean-shaven or he looks great with a simple goatee. I have to admit, he looks the part of a garden gnome. (Hopefully he'll at least trim it after Halloween. :) please, oh please!)

dress (thrifted)
apron (made using an apron she got as a wedding gift as the pattern)
black shirt and tights
striped socks
red Toms
hat* (from felt)

graduation gown (thrifted and shortened)
belt (black fabric tube with elastic insert, buckle is cardboard with yellow cardstock and the black rectangles filled in with a marker)
black shirt and polyester thermals
black rain boots
hat* (from felt)

1/2 yard of 60" felt
matching thread
measuring tape or yard stick

Cut an isosceles triangle from the felt measuring 12" at the bottom and 18" high. Put right sides together and stitch along the long edge using a 1/2" seam. Turn right side out and push the point out.

(Ashlee made three hats from the 1/2 yard of felt.)

It was a Halloween tradition that Ashlee and her friends would watch the Michael Jackson "Thriller" music video, and recreate the dance in the street outside their condo. How fun would it be to see a bunch college-age kids all dressed up and dancing in the street? Apparently the neighbors disagreed and kept calling the police. I didn't know my daughter-in-law was such a wild girl (wink, wink)!

Happy Trick-or-Treating!


  1. I think we are going to try these. I'll let you know and post pics if we do. Thanks for the post.

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