Thursday, October 18, 2012

celebrate | madilyn's fairy party

Simple ideas for a magical fairy birthday party.

My granddaughter, Madi, turned four a few weeks ago. Her party was at our house, since she just moved to Idaho and hasn't made many friends there yet. It won't take long though, she's a little jabber jaws and makes friends very easily. :)

After our trip to Disneyland this summer, Madilyn wanted a fairy party. My daughter, Kate, has become quite the little planner and has a knack for finding great deals. We both believe the key to keeping both cost and stress levels down, is planning way in advance. Kate knew she would be moving just weeks before the party, so she had everything done the month before. She's good at delegating too. I was in charge of the cupcakes and a craft.

Start your fairy party by adorning each attendee with fairy wings and skirts, hair accessories, and glitter make-up.

When the guests arrived, they were adorned with fairy wings, skirts, hair accessories, and glitter make-up.

Madi really wanted a bounce house, so Kate found one to rent in Salt Lake. They're super easy to set up. Even Grandma and Grandpa got in and gave it a try. The girls thought that was hilarious.

This simple butterfly craft also serves as a treat. Cut butterflies with your Silhouette.

I needed a simple fairy-type craft, so I looked through my celebrate board on Pinterest. I loved this little project and cut out the butterflies with my Silhouette. (Go check it out here in all different spring colors--darling! I'm going to use the idea again for Easter.)

Our niece, Jessica, was staying with us while our nephew was in the hospital after a serious accident (he's doing better). She's great at crafts, so I asked her to be in charge of showing the girls what to do.

Use q-tips to spread glitter glue on the wings of this fairy party birthday party craft.

We had them add sparkly gems to the antennae and painted the wings with glitter glue. (Putting the glitter glue in 2 oz plastic cups with lids and using Q-tips to paint made clean-up a breeze.)

Little girls will love adding glitter and sparkles to this simple butterfly craft. Cut butterflies with your Silhouette and supply glitter glue and gems to embellish.

Sweet and sweet.

Kate announced that we were having a special visitor. I love the looks on the girls' faces when the fairy of all fairies, Tinkerbell, "flew" around the corner. (Kate found a killer deal on the Tink costume on Amazon and convinced her friend to play the part. She did great!)

Tink gave each of the girls a little bottle of pixie dust and posed for photos with each of them individually.

What's up with the peace sign, Mads? :)

I ordered cupcakes from Dippadee in American Fork, Utah. I had them topped with purple and sparkly sprinkles.

Then Madi's favorite part, unwrapping the gifts.

Happy Birthday, little Madi. Grandma and Pappa love you sooooo much!

P.S. I think I broke the record for the use of the words "sparkly" and "glitter" in a single post. :)


  1. That's exactly how my daughter and I do parties ! Scrapbooking comes in handy. So much you can do for so little! And no matter what...those little ones (and even the big ones) love it!

  2. what a lucky little girl! so cute and special :)

  3. awesome!! Love it!! I need a daughter!

    p.s. Did I tell you that my husbands aunt owns Dippidee's? My husband is older than Marcee... but she's still his aunt... haha. My husband isn't super close to that side of the family (my FIL has passed away)... but I try to stop in to see Marcee and Dippidee's every time I go to Utah! Love them! :)

  4. I LOVE those Smarties butterfly favors. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  5. Found your blog via a pin from this post. Super cute ideas, thanks!! I love the look of your blog too!

  6. the butterfly. would be a cute valentine's card for school. did you get your butterfly from the silhouette store or create it yourself?

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