Friday, October 5, 2012

arcadia california/president foster missionaries

Our oldest son, Patrick, served a two year mission for our church in South Carolina.

This photo was taken right before he left. He's so young. He was a cocky jock who knew pretty much everything. I still had a hard time letting him go. :)

Patrick LOVED his mission--the people, teaching the gospel, the opportunities for service and the experiences. And he loved and adored his Mission President, Leroy Barrett. Patrick served as Assistant to the President for a period of time, so they worked very closely together.

When Patrick came home, not only was his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ was strengthened, but he had learned many valuable life lessons taught both by experience and President and Sister Barrett.

My friend, Delayne, is one of my favorite people in the world. She's uplifting and happy and fun and crazy, and she has been a great comfort to me in some very difficult times. Love, love, love her.

She asked if I'd do a quick word art of "Fosterisms" she could present to her Mission President at a mission reunion tonight. Just the way she still talks about President Foster, it's very obvious he had a great impact on her life. As I worked on the word art, it was also very apparent that she lives the lessons he taught. That's pretty cool.

Delayne wanted the other reunion-ers to have access to the word art and quotes, so I told her I'd put them on my blog. They are all available in both blue and green.

vision word art blue
vision word art green
character blue
character green
make it happen blue
make it happen green



  1. How sweet for you to do these for your friend. We lived in Arcadia, California when President and Sister Foster served their mission there. They were wonderful! They were in our ward.

  2. I LOVE theses!! thanks for sharing your talents!