Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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photo from Slim Paley

 It's no secret I love beach cruisers.

photo from Tumblr

And vintage bikes. Both with baskets.

My kids gave me a wonderful vintage Schwinn for Christmas, but it needs some work. I LOVE it. Lynn thinks I'm nuts. :)

I looked all summer for a beach cruiser and finally found "the one."

Oh, it's a sweet ride. I know "things" aren't important, but this makes me very, very happy. :)

I pretty much fell for the basket and needed a bike to go with it. It's perfect for a small load of groceries, Ella's backpack when I meet her to walk home from school, or deliveries around the neighborhood.

And a nice big seat for big bums bumps. I was surprised at how comfortable the ride is.

 And the details are so fun.

I've barely pulled the car out of the garage since I got my new wheels. I ride it everywhere. I have to admit, I get a lot of smiles when people drive by. I wonder what they're thinking. My guess is either, "Oh my...look at that old lady on that cool beach cruiser" or "You go granny, rock that bike!" Luckily, I'm too old to care. But still young enough to be riding it, right? I laughed when some of the young women in the neighborhood yelled, "Sister McCrary, we love your bike!" as I was cruisin' the neighborhood.

And Ella thinks I'm way cool. Awhile ago, we were getting a little crazy when some "wild" music came on a TV show. I started dancing. I thought Ella would be thinking, "My mom is so cool." She stared at me and said, " not show that to anyone." Seriously? Whatever! :) Now I just do it to embarrass tease her. She hasn't said anything about me riding a bike around.

And Kate loved my bike so much, she went and bought the same one in green. She has great taste. ;)

For Family Night on Monday, we went for our first family bike ride together. It was a blast. We took turns being "the leader" and then finished the time together with frozen yogurt at Red Mango. A perfect night.

It's fun how such a simple thing can bring such happiness and sweet memories.


Note: For you locals, I purchased my Micargi Tahiti at The Posh Peddler at Gardner Village. (It comes with a basket.)

You can also find them on Amazon: Macargi Tahiti

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