Thursday, June 14, 2012

memory keeping: take twelve challenge

I decided to take the "Take Twelve" challenge over at Ella Publishing. You shoot 12 photos on the 12th of each month. This is my first month. It was a bit difficult to get started. I tend to over think things. :) I actually spilled over into June 13th. Once I got started, I ended up with more photos than I needed though. Here's the result.

1. My favorite breakfast: plain yogurt, fresh blueberries, a sprinkling of Grape Nuts, and pecans. I eat it just about every morning.  2. Ella's roly poly. She named him/her Precious. We had a discussion about what they eat. We need to look it up. 3. Cleaned the front porch today. LOVING the new storm door.  4. On the bookshelf--me, First King of Shannara (one of Lynn's favorite series), Lynn, Beyonders. Next on my list, Little Bee and City of Bones (both borrowed from DIL Ashlee). 5. Grocery shopping. 6. My sweet granddaughter Madi. She loved making her own jewelry by stringing beads on pipe cleaners. 7. My favorite sunglasses. 8. Success in the garden. 9. Preston was selling his mom's cookies so I bought some oatmeal white chocolate chip with toffee bits for dessert. Sooooo good. 10. Best part of my day--lunch with my son, Patrick, then a little furniture shopping together. Back to his and Ashlee's new home to show me the new washer and dryer and what they've accomplished. 11. A new box of crayons for Ella. Life is good. 12. Ella's breakfast + Cheerios. We're a little more lax in the summer. :)

A little glimpse into our lives--simple stuff. Yep, it was fun.



  1. I'm doing twelve on twelve as well... I'm already doing Project Life so I couldn't decide if I wanted to take on another project... but then when i found out my little guy was going to be born on January 12th is was an easy decision :)

    It's been fun and maybe one of these days I'll actually get them posted (and in to a photo book!)

  2. Well hurry on up. I can wait to see them! :)

  3. Sorry about the pic i took of the glasses. I should try this sometime.